Another reason why preventative dentistry matters

Another reason why preventative dentistry matters

Preventative dentistry is oral care that includes education, treatment, and the practice of maintaining your teeth and gums. The idea behind preventative dentistry is that it helps prevent cavities, enamel loss, gingivitis, periodontitis, and more. It’s not just about maintaining the appearance of your teeth, but, more importantly, it’s about maintaining and supporting your overall health. 

Perhaps the most important part of any preventive dentistry program is daily brushing of your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste that has the seal of approval from the American Dental Association. Daily flossing is also recommended to help clean food out of those tight spaces between your teeth.

You should schedule a visit to your dentist at least once per year. During the exam, your dentist will clean your teeth, check them for any problems as well as checking on the health of your gums, and examining your mouth for any signs of oral cancer. 

Beyond your mouth

Preventative dental care isn’t just about maintaining the health of your teeth. It’s also about maintaining the health of your body as a whole because your mouth is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can cause problems in other parts of your body, such as your heart.

Some health problems that may be associated with poor oral health include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Respiratory disease
  • Cancer

If you’re looking for affordable dental insurance, you want good coverage for less than you’d expect to pay. Most people are looking for coverage that doesn’t break their budget, but provides affordable preventative and restorative coverage when it’s needed.

If you’re considering dental insurance, it’s important that you consider your specific needs. Most dental insurers offer their customers several different plans to choose from based on cost and the services provided in each of the plans. If you’re in great oral health, you may consider an inexpensive dental plan that includes 100% coverage for diagnostic and preventative care while covering a percentage of basic dental services such as fillings and extractions.

Because preventative dentistry is so important when it comes to maintaining good oral health as well as your overall health, you may be looking for a dental plan that covers two preventative visits per year. You may need to pay more upfront for this type of coverage, but it can save you money in the long run if it prevents the need for expensive dental work down the road.

Straight to your wallet

Skipping dental appointments or not seeing a dentist on a regular basis can have long term effects on your oral health as well as your wallet. The long term cost of dental coverage is offset by the costs of root canals, veneers, or gum disease that result in much higher expenses when you’re older.

Not having dental insurance means that you’re going to be paying for these high-ticket dental services out of your pocket. If you’re interested in finding good dental coverage at affordable prices, Daniel Fraisse, Los Angeles dental insurance broker, can help.