An insurance broker is your ally after an auto accident

An insurance broker is your ally after an auto accident

One of the most frightening experiences to go through is to be involved in an auto accident. You feel so safe and untouchable driving on the road until the day you’re not. In the confusion and emotionally-charged aftermath of auto accidents, it’s difficult to have a clear head. Is anyone hurt? Who do you call first? Whose fault was it? Are you covered by your insurance? These are just a few of the questions that race through your mind as you climb out of your car and check the damage.

Though all of us are required by law to carry accident insurance, most of us can not recall the details of our coverage at a time like this. That’s why it’s invaluable to have an experienced insurance broker on your side. Dan Fraisse of Daniel Fraisse Insurance in La Crescenta, CA believes that service to his clients does not end when they sign on the dotted line. He continues to be your source of information as well as your advocate as long as you’re a client.

Dan is committed to getting your questions about your accident answered quickly, as well as helping you sort through what needs to be done going forward.

Veteran brokers know California insurance law

When you carry California insurance, you’re subject to the specific laws of the state. Again, this is not something of which a layperson generally has a grasp. Dan Fraisse has been serving customers in the insurance business for more than thirty years, and knows the ins and outs of insurance carriers, policy options, and insurance laws. He takes pride in the personal service he offers, making it a point to be available at all times to his clients.

From years of working in the business, he knows exactly what your rights are, and will help you navigate through the difficult process of dealing with your auto accident. He understands that your hands are full, and does everything he can to lighten the load.

Dan Fraisse has glowing reviews

One of the best ways to rate an insurance broker is to read testimonials from current and past customers. It gives you the confidence to choose, knowing that others have had positive experiences. Read some of Dan’s customer reviews, and you’ll see why he’s considered the broker of choice in his area.

Here’s an example of what people are saying: “Dan is a really great guy. He is also a great insurance broker . . . He is the only broker I would recommend.”