Los Angeles Auto Insurance Broker

Los Angeles Auto Insurance Broker

If you are in the market for auto insurance, why not consider using the services of an auto insurance broker? What are the benefits to you of using a insurance broker? Auto insurance brokers are qualified professionals who are trained to find the best coverage for you at affordable prices. They know the insurance market on both a local as well as a national level. Although they work with insurance companies to find the best deal for you, they are independent because they work for you, not for the insurance companies.

Daniel Fraisse is an independent insurance agent and broker servicing the Los Angeles area. Dan’s first priority is to find a policy that fits your insurance needs and your financial situation. Having been in the insurance business for decades, Dan has formed business relationships with many of the big insurance companies such as Geico, State Farm and Allstate, to name a few. He does the legwork and comparison shops for you. He is very knowledgeable about the different types of insurance coverage such as comprehensive, liability and collision as well as policy limits and the types of deductibles that insurance companies are offering.

How we get you the best rates

Dan will gather information from you with respect to your car and driving record. He’ll review your current policy and see what changes can be made to get you the most coverage for the best insurance rates. With Daniel Fraisse, you won’t have to spend your valuable time contacting lots of different insurance companies – that’s his job. He can search insurance databases to find the most affordable plans available to fit your needs.

Because Dan works with a number of insurance agencies, he knows about the types of discounts that are available from different insurers such as those that are offered to drivers with good driving/accident-free records, to students who maintain good grades, and for those in the military. In the end Dan Fraisse can put together a customized insurance policy that you might not be able to get through an agent working for an insurance company.

Working with our brokers

Choosing the right insurance company and the right insurance coverage can be a time-consuming process. Save yourself valuable time and money by enlisting the services of Daniel Fraisse Insurance. Fraisse Insurance serves customers in the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valley as well as the Los Angeles metro area.

Over the years, Dan has build up a reputation among his clients for being hard-working and committed to finding the best deal possible deal on car insurance. If you’re looking to update your current policy or are looking to get car insurance for the first time, contact Daniel Fraisse Insurance. Check out our website to read reviews from Dan’s many satisfied customers.