Burbank driver? Find the optimum auto insurance

Burbank driver? Find the optimum auto insurance

What started as a tiny little village a few miles from the well-known city of Hollywood, Burbank is now known as a major Los Angeles suburb. Famously coined “Beautiful Downtown Burbank” by Johnny Carson, it is home to some of the biggest media companies in the world. From the Walt Disney Company to Warner Bros. Entertainment to Nickelodeon, the number of big-name companies headquartered there is impressive.

With all of that commerce and the population steadily rising, Burbank’s freeways and side streets are more and more over-crowded. If you’re planning to move there or are a current resident, then you know the importance of having good auto insurance. But with so many insurance companies and varied levels of coverage, how do you choose the plan that will best protect you and your family?

Picking your insurance plan

When you execute a search for auto insurance, Burbank, you will come up with pages and pages of websites. Each auto insurance company will tell you that their plans give you the best coverage. However when you call, you may find that they automatically start by steering you in the direction of the highest priced option. So how can you find the coverage you need at the lowest cost?

Reputable independent insurance brokers like Dan Fraisse of Fraisse Insurance work for you, not the insurance companies. This leaves them free to compare all of the options available and present you with only the best plans at the lowest prices. Dan has been working in the insurance industry for years, and can take all the confusing language and terms that insurance companies throw at you and turn them into plain English that you can understand.

An insurance broker you can count on

When looking to buy insurance, you can’t go wrong with hiring an independent broker. They’re not aiming to make a profit like insurance companies, but rather to serve their client’s best interests.

If you’re looking for a top-rated auto insurance broker in the Burbank area, call Fraisse Insurance and see for yourself why customers are writing reviews such as this one: “Working with Dan Fraisse has not only been a pleasure, but also helpful. I understand exactly how my policy works, and my rates have been decreased substantially.”