Insurance broker in Sunland, CA

Insurance broker in Sunland, CA

Located in the city of Los Angeles, in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, is the community of Sunland. One of original colonies founded by “The Little Landers”, a utopian movement whose slogan was “a little land and a lot of living, today Sunland is a thriving community, home to a number of parks and the historic Bolton Hall, which is a historical monument and museum operated by the the Little Landers Society.

If you’re a resident of Sunland and are looking for a local insurance broker, consider Daniel Fraisse Insurance. Dan is an independent insurance broker and agent with extensive knowledge of the insurance industry. Because he is an independent broker, Dan is not affiliated with any one insurance company, but has formed business relationships with many of the big insurers such as Progressive, The Hartford, Geico, and many others. He can search the California insurance market to find the best insurance coverage for you at the best rates available.

Coverage and policies

With Daniel Fraisse, you won’t have to go insurance shopping with different companies for different types of coverage. Fraisse Insurance offers the following types of insurance coverage to clients:

  • life
  • automobile
  • business
  • health/dental and eye
  • homeowners and renters

Doing business with Dan will save you valuable time because he has access to insurance databases and can make sure that you are getting a policy that fits your needs as well as your budget. He will analyze your current policies to make sure that you have enough coverage to cover any losses, but that you are not paying for coverage that you don’t need. Dan will look at your homeowners policy, for example, to make sure that you have coverage for earthquakes. If not, he’ll put together a policy that covers you for that kind of disaster.

If you live in Sunland or the surrounding L.A. metropolitan area, Daniel Fraisse and his knowledgeable staff can help ensure that you get the best insurance rates in L.A

Getting a quote

Whether you’re in the market for a new insurance policy or want to update your current coverage, Daniel Fraisse’s top priority is finding a policy that fits his clients’ needs and financial situations. Over the years, Dan has built a reputation for working hard on the behalf of his clients. Check out his website to read testimonials from his many satisfied customers, and, while you’re there, get a free quote.

If you’re looking for an insurance broker that serves the Sunland area, look no further than independent insurance broker, Daniel Fraisse. Dan is working for you — not for the insurance companies! Call us today to see how Dan can help you.