Los Angeles broker specializes in California car insurance

Los Angeles broker specializes in California car insurance

Each state has laws on the books regarding auto insurance guidelines. In the state of California, car insurance companies are required to report the insurance status of a vehicle, and the driver must provide proof of insurance to the DMV when registering the vehicle. There are also minimum levels of coverage that each driver must carry with respect to injuries and property damage. You can access this information online on the drivinglaws.org website.

You can also contact Daniel Fraisse of Fraisse Insurance, and he will help you ensure that you’ve met all of the insurance requirements to own and/or operate a vehicle in California. But he won’t stop there. Dan is your source for information regarding the best coverage to carry in order to protect yourself in the event of an accident — whether you’re at fault or not. Fraisse Insurance has been serving clients in southern California for over thirty years; making sure they have the right type and level of auto insurance.

Uninsured vs. underinsured: Same thing

Both uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured auto coverage protect you in the event of an accident where the other driver is at fault but has either no insurance or an amount too low to cover the injuries and/or property damage you sustain in the accident.

In the case of an uninsured driver, the insurance carrier of the driver who caused the accident would normally reimburse you for any losses you experience. However, since that driver does not carry any insurance, your carrier would step in and cover the sum total of all costs.

If the other driver has insurance, but their coverage limits are too low to be able to pay for the damages you sustain, they are considered an underinsured motorist. In this case, your insurance carrier will make up the difference between the amount the other driver’s insurance company pays and the actual losses you sustain.

Daniel Fraisse knows insurance

Even though it is state law that every driver in California maintain auto insurance, the sad fact is that there are many that don’t uphold this law. Dan Fraisse in and expert on the topic and can get you set up with a car insurance plan that covers all the contingencies. He is qualified to help you will all of your insurance needs; from auto to health to apartment insurance, Dan does it all. You can count on him to protect yourself and your possessions by setting you up with the best coverage at the best price.