Protecting your house: insurance company choices

Protecting your house: insurance company choices

If you’re lucky enough to own your own home in southern California, it’s most likely your biggest investment. Our homes are not only part of our portfolio, however, they’re the place where we feel most comfortable spending our time, where we raise our families, and eventually where we retire and grow old. Something this important needs to be protected in the case of fire, theft, weather, accidents and other calamities that may befall it. Homeowners insurance protects you against some if not all of these contingencies, but there are hundreds of companies on the market. How do you choose the one which best fits your needs?

Unless you’re a trained, licensed agent, it’s pretty difficult to decipher all the fine print in house insurance policies, and every company offers different benefits and areas of coverage. The whole process can quickly have you feeling confused and lost. Fortunately, you have the option of working with an insurance broker; a professional whose job it is to find the best policy from the best company at the lowest price for you.

A well-informed independent insurance broker like Daniel Fraisse of La Crescenta, California is not only familiar with the terms and conditions of the many different insurance policies available to you, his only concern is making sure you get the right one. He does not represent any particular company, so he’s able to shop around to get you the best coverage at the lowest price.

Covering your house: what’s included?

Most mortgage companies require proof of homeowners insurance before you can even move into your home. Items which are generally covered are property that has been stolen or vandalized during a break-in; damaged by weather conditions such as wind, hail or lightning or has been destroyed in a fire. Not standard to most policies is coverage for flood or earthquake damage. You can elect to buy supplemental insurance which includes coverage for one or both of these natural disasters.

Depending on where you live, your broker will help you assess whether or not it’s in your best interest to buy additional coverage. Because he works out of southern California, Dan Fraisse will most likely always encourage at least earthquake insurance. Flood insurance is recommended if you live in a low-lying area that is at risk for this problem.

Any questions you have concerning what kind and how much coverage you need should be directed to your broker. He or she will not only steer you toward the best company for you, but will make sure you don’t waste money on coverage you’ll most likely never use.

Insurance brokers get you the right coverage

Insurance brokers like Dan work with many different top-rated insurers including State Farm, Allstate and others. They are familiar with the ins and outs of the home insurance policies each company offers, and can assist you in finding the one which best protects your biggest asset.

Brokers don’t work for the insurance companies they work for you, so you can feel comfortable that your best interests are being represented. And you benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience working in the field.

Call Dan Fraisse for a free quote and prepare to be surprised at the good deal your independent broker can get for you.