Get the best dental insurance plans and rates

Get the best dental insurance plans and rates

Everyone should maintain good oral health, and not just to maintain a nice smile. Many of us are unaware of the fact that dental problems can be an indicator or cause of bigger health issues if left untreated. Making sure you have regular appointments with the dentist twice a year is an excellent place to start, but what if something more significant happens, and you’re forced to make emergency visits? Replacing a knocked out tooth or treating a root canal can get very expensive if you don’t have good dental insurance.

Dan Fraisse, of Fraisse Insurance in Southern California, has been helping people take care of their insurance needs for over thirty years. He is an insurance broker for dental insurance as well as life, auto and health insurance. As a broker, Dan is representing your interests; not that of the insurance companies. He does the legwork and simplifies what can be a very confusing process by presenting your best options and weeding out the rest.

Make your broker work for your business

The benefit of using an insurance broker for dental insurance, like Dan, is that he is familiar with all of the ins and outs of the different policies and plans and the costs involved with each. He maintains good working relationships with the carriers, which allows him to find the best coverage and most convenient payment options to fit your needs.

Dan has been successfully serving the Los Angeles community for decades, and has many excellent customer testimonials to his credit. He will help you do everything from pick the right plan from the right carrier to estimate monthly expenses. It’s his job to find you the best plan you can get while staying within your budget.

Coverage you need at a price that works

If you’re interested in finding excellent dental insurance coverage in Los Angeles, Daniel Fraisse can help. As an experienced, customer-service oriented insurance broker, he can help you choose between the dental insurance plans available in your price range.

Call or click Fraisse Insurance today to find out more about how Dan can go to work for you securing the best plan at the best price.