Earthquake insurance for Los Angeles homeowners

Earthquake insurance for Los Angeles homeowners

There are four fast-moving, active fault lines running through Southern California, including the well-known San Andreas fault. However, it is the lesser known faults, which number in the hundreds, that account for over half of the earthquake activity in this area of the state. Many homeowners wonder if earthquake insurance is worth it, given that “the big one” may never happen in their lifetime.

Would it surprise you to discover that an estimated $3.3 billion of damage is reported in the Southern California area every year? Even in the years where there is no major event or emergency situation recorded, small temblors account for a significant amount of property damage. In other words, if you’re a resident of So Cal, it makes good financial sense to protect your valuables by carrying earthquake insurance.

As your premier Los Angeles earthquake insurance broker, Dan Fraisse of Fraisse Insurance can help you choose between available coverage options to find the plan that best fits your needs.

The last thing you want to think about when the big one hits

Are you already covered? If it’s been awhile since you purchased your policy, it’s recommended that you review your coverage regularly to account for any changes you may have made. Perhaps you’ve recently updated your furniture or installed a pool in your backyard. When working with an insurance broker like Dan, you should mention these items so that he can make sure they are added to your policy.

If you’re not already covered, you’d be well advised to get earthquake insurance due to the extremely numerous and active faults in and around Los Angeles, California. Worried about time? It’s easier than you think when you’re working with an insurance broker. Dan Fraisse does the legwork for you, so that you can simply drop in or go over your options by phone, rather than researching and comparing all of the insurance carriers and policies out there.

Speak to a broker; get a quote

There are many different Los Angeles earthquake insurance policies to chose from, and it’s important to find the one that is best suited to your situation. When looking at quotes, take cost as well as the amount of coverage into consideration. Often, you can find the same level of protection at a lower price.

As your earthquake insurance broker, Mr. Fraisse will find you these deals. Then he will sit down with you in person or by phone and explain the ins and outs of the different plans. He is looking out for your best interests, not those of any particular insurance carrier.

Call today to find out if you have the proper coverage to protect you from the next earthquake.