Your business is growing, and that’s a good thing

Your business is growing, and that’s a good thing

Remember when your home office started out with your laptop and a desk? Now, when you look around your office, it’s full of printers, a couple of different workstations, scanners, and assorted phones. Perhaps it’s time to consider renting an office to accommodate your growing business.

For many business owners who have been debating about moving their business, the tipping point revolves around hiring employees. Before making the move from your home office to an outside office, figure out how many employees you’re going to need to hire, and then consider leasing office space that fits your particular needs.

Another indication that it’s time to think about moving your business to an outside office is when you realize that you no longer have adequate space to manage your product in your home. Even though you’ve been creative about storage in an effort to keep your costs down, at some point, your house is going to start to overflow with boxes, papers, and other business items, making it difficult for your household to continue to function smoothly.

You need to keep up with your business needs

Some other compelling reasons to move out of your home office revolve around increasing your revenue and productivity. Renting office space is seen as more professional by your clients who are expecting you to handle important aspects of their business. They will, more than likely, feel more secure about doing business with you in the privacy of an outside office. Also, it may be easier for you customers to locate an outside office vs your home.

Your productivity may also be suffering if you’re dealing with too many distractions in your home. Having a separate office space frees you to concentrate solely on your business which translates into increased productivity and a better bottom line.

Running a business from your home can become isolating. Moving into an outside office space with employees can provide you with more opportunities for socialization.

Insuring your future

If you’re considering moving out of your home office and upgrading your office space, it’s time to consider what you need to do to obtain small business insurance coverage. Small business insurance can cover your business against liability from an injury to an employee or third party, and property damage.

Property coverage protects your office space, equipment, and other property from fire, water, and acts of vandalism. If you’re operating an online business, you can even get insurance coverage to protect you against cyber crime.

Dan Fraisse, insurance broker for small businesses, can help you save on valuable time that you need to make the move to an office by researching all of the different insurance options that are available for a small business.

Dan has been serving clients in the greater L.A. area for decades and has developed good relationships with most of the major insurance companies. Call Daniel Fraisse to schedule an appointment to discuss your small business insurance needs.