How much should Los Angeles drivers pay for insurance?

How much should Los Angeles drivers pay for insurance?

In the state of California, every car owner is required by law to submit proof of insurance to the DMV when applying for vehicle registration. When deciding where to buy your coverage, you must first determine which are the best insurance companies in Los Angeles. In addition to finding a carrier with a good, solid reputation, you’ll want to compare prices. What factors will determine how much you pay for car insurance? Driving history, gender and age are all taken into account when calculating your car insurance rates.

Sound confusing? It can be, which is why it is to your advantage to contact an experienced insurance broker like Dan Fraisse to help you weed through all available options. With nearly thirty years in the business, Dan knows the ins and outs of the insurance industry; from what type of coverage you’ll need to the best company to provide it. Dan will do the footwork and present you with the top contenders in terms of coverage, affordability of monthly payments, and reliability.

Custom car insurance plans and coverage

Because price is important, one of the first things you’ll need to investigate is the amount you should pay for car insurance in Los Angeles. Each carrier uses their own version of something called the car insurance calculator to determine the monthly rates you’ll be charged. They take into account the type of car, level of coverage you’re seeking, and personal information that may affect the price such as a safe drivers discount. But how do you know if the resulting cost for insurance is competitive in terms of averages rates in California?

Once again, this is where Dan Fraisse can help you. He is familiar with all the available carriers and their various products. He will perform a comparative analysis and present you with the top contenders, allowing you to feel comfortable that you really are getting the right plan at the right price.

Your California car insurance quote

Because Dan is an insurance broker who operates completely independently of the carriers, you can rest assured that his only interest is getting a good deal for you. Contact his Burbank office to get a free car insurance quote today. All California drivers must carry insurance. Rather than navigating the complicated and often confusing world of insurance, let Dan do the work for you. From how much to pay for insurance to exactly what limits you need on things like collision and comprehensive, Dan has you covered.