How to choose the right car, home and life insurance companies

How to choose the right car, home and life insurance companies

Remember when you were a kid and things were simply taken care of for you? Someone else worried about all the “what ifs,” freeing you up to think about nothing more complicated than what might be a fun way to spend the afternoon. The truth is we all grow up, and while there certainly are perks of becoming an adult it also means taking on more responsibility. Suddenly there’s no one else to think about the future, and leaving things to chance is no longer a good option.

In order to protect our family’s and our own future, we find ourselves in need of the protection provided by car insurance, homeowner’s insurance and life insurance. But just because we know we need these policies doesn’t mean we have any idea which insurance companies offer the best coverage, prices, and terms. Every company you call is sure to tell you that they’re the one to pick, but how do you know you’re doing the right thing?

It’s this uncertainty that made Dan Fraisse want to become an independent insurance agent.

Call someone who’s looking out for YOU

Dan is an insurance broker, which means he does not work for one particular insurance company. He’s not motivated by the idea of earning a commission by pushing a certain policy like many insurance agents are. Instead, he determines exactly what you need and goes to work finding the company which offers you the best deal on it. As an added bonus, Dan Fraisse has been in the business for decades, and has formed many solid connections during that time.

He is knowledgeable about and can get you quotes from all the big carriers including Allstate, Farmers, State Farm and Geico. This allows you to do a side-by-side comparison and pick the right insurance coverage at the right price. Dan is committed to getting his customers the best deals regardless of how big or small of a policy they need.

You can trust Los Angeles insurance broker Dan Fraisse

It’s this kind of personal commitment that makes Dan Fraisse one of the most sought after insurance brokers in Los Angeles. Check out his website to read the positive reviews written by happy clients. Call Dan today and discover what it’s like to have your insurance agent on your side!