Los Angeles car insurance: driving the freeway capital

Los Angeles car insurance: driving the freeway capital

Los Angeles County is one of the most populous areas in the state. This fact naturally leads to the conclusion that freeway congestion would be an issue. Another contributing factor is that the majority of people who work in the city of Los Angeles live in outlying communities. Thus, hundreds of thousands of commuters jam onto the freeways every day, driving for hours in every direction to reach their offices.

What this means to residents of L.A. County is that the number of freeway accidents per capita is one of the largest in the country. There’s only so much the CHP can do to control aggressive driving, road rage, and distracted driving. The rest is up to you to protect yourself by learning to drive defensively and arm yourself with excellent insurance coverage in the event you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist: how it protects you

Uninsured motorist insurance is insurance you carry in case you are involved in an accident where the other party is at fault and does not have insurance. In this case, your own insurance covers injuries to yourself and passengers as well as damage to your car.

Underinsured motorist coverage is necessary when you are hit by a driver who is underinsured. This means they’ve met the minimum financial requirements of owning auto insurance in order to register their vehicle, but the limits are too low to cover the amount of damage and/or injuries you and your passengers incurred as a result of the accident. Again, you can protect yourself from this unfortunate event by purchasing underinsured motorist insurance.

The right auto insurance company for you

How do you decide what insurance company to use for not only your automobile coverage, but life, health, and homeowners? There are so many big companies to choose from — Mercury, Allstate, and State Farm, to name just a few of the better known ones. It’s hard to know which carrier will offer the best rates and coverage, because if you look at their websites or call a customer service representative, they’re all going to push you in the direction of their company.

The good news is, you don’t have to do all this time-consuming research on your own. Independent insurance broker, Dan Fraisse, has been helping clients navigate the Los Angeles car insurance industry for decades.

Mr. Fraisse owes no allegiance to any one company, and can therefore point you in the direction of the right insurance policy at the right price. Let him do the legwork and comparisons, knowing that his only interest is to make sure you get what you need.