Serving Sherman Oaks

Serving Sherman Oaks

General Moses Hazeltine Sherman knew a good deal when he saw it. Moving from Phoenix to Los Angeles in the early 1900’s, he bought large parcels of land in the Los Angeles Basin and the southeast valley. In 1927, Sherman decided to subdivide his property, selling an acre of land for $780, and Sherman Oaks, the town that bears his name, was born. Today, Sherman Oaks is home to some of the priciest residences in L. A. County – a far cry from General Sherman’s day!

If you’re looking for a good deal on insurance, look no further than Sherman Oaks insurance agent and broker, Daniel Fraisse. Fraisse Insurance offers “one-stop shopping” for a wide variety of insurance coverage including:

  • health
  • dental and eye
  • life
  • auto – for personal or commercial vehicles
  • business
  • homeowners and renters

Serving Sherman Oaks and the greater Los Angeles area, Dan Fraisse has been in the insurance business for decades and has formed solid business relationships with many of big companies including State Farm, Progressive, and Geico, to name a few.

Using an agent to get the best rate

Should you hire a broker when you’re shopping for new insurance coverage or if you want to make a change to your existing coverage? The answer is “Yes!” By enlisting the services of an insurance broker like Dan Fraisse, you’ll save valuable time shopping for insurance. Let Dan and his knowledgeable staff do the legwork for you.

In addition to having established relationships with a variety of insurance companies, Dan is able to search insurance databases to get you the right coverage at the best insurance rates in California. Insurers offer lots of different coverage options, and it can be confusing if you have to wade through all the policy options from competing agencies.

That’s where an independent agent and broker like Daniel Fraisse comes in. His first priority is put together a policy that, not only fits your insurance needs, but also fits your budget. Dan is working for you – not for the insurance companies.

Don’t be left uninsured

An insurance broker like Daniel Fraisse is an invaluable resource when it comes to making sure that you have enough coverage so that you will be adequately reimbursed for any losses that you should incur over the life of the policy. Conversely, he will make sure that you are not “overinsured” – paying too much for coverage that you don’t need.

If it’s time for you to update a current policy or you’re in the market for new coverage – homeowners insurance for a new house, life insurance for a new addition to your family – let Sherman Oaks insurance broker, Daniel Fraisse, find the right plan for you. Dan has built up a reputation with his many satisfied clients for working hard on their behalf. We’re committed to finding you the best insurance coverage at the best possible rates.

Call Daniel Fraisse Insurance today to see what Dan can do for you.