Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks

If you’re looking for a quiet retreat in the San Fernando Valley, Sherman Oaks should be on the top of your list. With a lot of green spaces as well as a variety of charming restaurants, bars and shopping areas, Sherman Oaks has all the conveniences of a city, but the quietude of a small town.

Sherman Oaks got its name from General Moses Hazeltine Sherman, a partner in the Los Angeles Suburban Home Company and one of the original owners of the land that was to eventually become one of the San Fernando Valley’s busiest cities. Today, Sherman Oaks is a local hub for transportation, shopping, and many businesses. One of the main thoroughfares running through the city is Ventura Boulevard, complete with all sorts of shopping, from antiques to contemporary boutiques as well as a great selection of ethnic eateries.

Throughout its history, Sherman Oaks has been home at one time or another to many of Hollywood’s more notable celebrities, including the colorful Vegas performer, Liberace, Shia LaBeouf, Jennifer Aniston, and Charlie Sheen, to name a few. In 1982, The Sherman Oaks Galleria became the setting for the feature film “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” and the term “valley girl” was born.

Unfortunately, Sherman Oaks residents live right in the middle of one of the L.A. area’s biggest problems — traffic. Each and every day more than 800,000 cars pass through Sherman Oaks which makes it one of the most congested areas in Los Angeles. In addition to encountering traffic on I-405, US. 101, and Hwy. 134, the city’s surface streets, especially Sepulveda and Ventura Boulevards, have become increasingly congested over the years.

In a 2007 Forbes article, the 405-101 interchange in Sherman Oaks was dubbed “the king of traffic that costs 27 million plus hours of delay each year.” All of this congestion on the roads in and around Sherman Oaks translates into a constant risk that drivers will be involved in an accident at some point in time. Do you have enough insurance coverage if you have the bad luck of being involved in a car accident?

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Sherman Oaks Facts

ZIP codes: 91423
Area codes: 818, 323, 619
Population: 65,436
County: Los Angeles
State: California