Here’s why you should trust your insurance broker

Here’s why you should trust your insurance broker

Why do people have such a hard time trusting an insurance broker to have their best interests at heart?  When people hear the term “insurance broker”, it has a bad connotation very similar to that of used car salesmen.

First of all, consumers don’t like or trust, for that matter, the middle man. The middle man usually translates into additional costs, errors, and, even worse, scams. Most consumers, in general, think that buying insurance direct is more beneficial to them. 

But, is that really the case?  When purchasing insurance, most people indicate that the following things are important to them:

  • Cost
  • Ease
  • Speed
  • Peace of mind that they have adequate coverage

So, what is the actual value of an insurance broker when it comes to providing today’s insurance consumer with all of these things?  

One of the biggest advantages of using an insurance broker is that they don’t work for any one insurance company. They work for you. Insurers provide special pricing options on their policies to brokers which translates into lower costs for you.

An insurance broker is focused on your needs so can help you with comparison shopping, and then selecting the best coverage for your situation at the best prices. They can even advise you on how to bundle or customize your policies in order to save on costs.

Brokers are far more efficient at cross checking policies than the average consumer, and are also very good at educating clients about the various types of coverage that are available, how much coverage they need, and how it all fits into their budget. They can offer a wide range of plans from many different insurers. 

Insurance brokers do all the legwork for you, thereby saving you time to focus on more important things. Their goal is to simplify the process of purchasing insurance for you and to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Yes, we really custom tailor solutions for you

The priority of Daniel Fraisse, Los Angeles insurance broker, is to fit the policy to his clients’ needs and finances. As an independent insurance broker, Dan is free to select from all of the best insurance packages in order to provide clients with the best possible coverage at the most affordable rates.

Dan Fraisse is a full-service insurance broker, providing the following insurance services:

  • Car insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Business insurance

If you need small business insurance, Dan offers custom tailored insurance packages such as the business owners policy or BOP, a prepackaged policy that combines property, liability, and business interruption insurance. Larger companies have the option of purchasing a commercial package policy.

Ready to trust us?

Trying to find the best insurance coverage at a cost that fits into your budget can be both time-consuming and frustrating. Trusting your insurance broker to make the best decision for your insurance policy can not only save you precious time, but it can get you great coverage at great rates.

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